Wired on Ray Ozzie

The latest Wired Magazine article on Ray Ozzie is pretty spot on about the obstacles the Ozzie faces at Microsoft, but  there seems to be a lot of selective memory form  writer Fred Vogle and I have  issues with some of the things that have been said.

Here are some examples…

“Microsoft’s game console, the Xbox 360, has been a hit, but competition from Sony’s PlayStation 2 has kept prices low, making profits elusive.”

Yet he forgets to mention that fact that the Xbox 360 has a major lead over Sony’s PS3 and Sony’s ongoing troubles to launch the PS3 is all to Microsoft advantage.

Here’s another….

“Apple, for its part, has become so confident of consumers’ preference for OS X, its operating system, and software like iPhoto and GarageBand that it now allows users to run Windows on its machines.”

Really? I guess that’s a good way of looking at it, or could Apple be hedging it’s bets against further market share loss to Windows, which according to most market observers,OSX is not making inroads but losing some share.

Come to think of it, isn’t Apple OSX operating system similar to Microsoft Windows strategy of having a closed desktop centric operating system? I don’t see apple lighting the world on fire with online services, and .Mac really doesn’t cut it.

And this…

“Early reports indicate the strategy is working: Sales of Mac  laptops are booming and have pushed Apple’s US market share in the category to 12 percent, doubling in just six months.”

Early reports from Where? I don’t see a source here, and the 12 percent market share is wishful thinking.

Here’s another bit…

“Google is also experimenting with a collection of Web app’s, including maps, video, even online word processing and spreadsheets. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been struggling with the sort of things it historically has done best – producing big, integrated software packages. Vista, its new operating system, is due out next year, but it’s almost two years late and has no firm release date.”

There’s no doubt that Google is the search king and they have some very talented people at Mountainview, but Google Video has taken a back seat to utube, as for the online word processing beta  that Google purchased from writley ,it made a little splash and then nothing else.

The online spreadsheet, same thing, there are already other spread sheets online with the same results. Google seems to be trying the spaghetti system of coming out with lots of betas and waiting to see which one will stick .

Windows Vista is already in RC1 stage and will most likely go to RTM in November, Vista is definitely late, but is just about here.

For the most part this article succeeds, but the same kind of article can be written about Apple or Google,

lots of good things going on with equal parts failure thrown in for good measure.

IBM is the web services king  with revenue that even dwarfs Microsoft, but this is always forgotten when talking about this old and mature company.

Overall a good story with  good points, Ray Ozzie has his hands full, but none the less, he does have what it takes and the odds are in his favor.


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