Apple to Buy Hp?

This from Mac OSX Rumors

Certain industry players have even talked to Steve recently about a possible buyout/partnership with HP that could help pull that beleaguered corporation out of its current scandal….but for now, Apple is standing well clear of the company that burned it in the wake of its single attempt to OEM the iPod out to a Wintel retailer.

I generally take anything a read here with a grain of salt, but when I ran across this rumor I almost fell off my seat, Apple has as much a chance of Buying Hp as they do Microsoft, while Hp is currently not being cast in the best light thanks to the stupidity of some of it’s executives, this won’t have a long term effect on the company.

Apple is in good financial shape, but they don’t have the financial muscle to buy a company like hp. One of Apple strengths  are it’s relatively small size, it allows Steve Jobs and company to  react  quickly to changing market conditions and stay on top of their game, Buying hp(if it was possible) wouldn’t help this.

Either way, this is pipe dream and not a good one at that.


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