Google merges writley & spreadsheets

Breaking news: Google will announce tomorrow at the Office 2.0 conference a new product called Google Docs, which will merge Writely and Google Spreadsheets into a collaboration and document management solution, according to sources.
The new offering will be available at, although that address produces a 404 error right now.
According to sources, Google Docs isn’t so much a new online software app as it is a combination of the two existing products. However, Google Docs focuses on collaboration among multiple users.
Google Docs will allow users to create spreadsheets and Writely documents and access them in a single location. Users will also be able to publish their information on blogs and Web pages, and export to a variety of common file formats.
With this release, Google continues to take closer aim at the online office space. Earlier this year, Google announced Google App’s for Your Domain, a free package that combined Google’s e-mail, calendar, IM and page creation software. Google also recently incorporated Writely into Google Accounts.

With this Google reveals another piece of it’s business model for moving

users away from the desktop operating systems an on to online only

based productivity systems, at least that’s the plan, I still remained unconvinced that this is the way to go, there is definitely the need

for these kind of things, but relying only on web based servers is not the way to go. You can’t blame Google for adopting this strategy, they need faces in front of adds, and for them this makes the most sense, I believe that what you’ll see is a hybrid of web and desk top based systems.


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