When it comes to Adds, Google is King

This from eMarketer….


Google Expected to Pocket 25% of Online Ad Revenue in 2006
OCTOBER 17, 2006
eMarketer releases estimated ad revenue and market share for Google and Yahoo!

NEW YORK, NY (October 17, 2006)—As Yahoo! and Google report their third-quarter earnings this week, eMarketer’s new estimates of US full-year advertising revenue, growth and market share for the two companies can help put their earnings in perspective.

Google’s US ad revenue growth rate in 2006 will soar almost 65% over last year’s. Yahoo! still shows a respectable 17.5% growth rate, an increase that would satisfy most companies. But not one competing against Google. Just a year ago, Google and Yahoo! both posted US ad revenues of more than $2.4 billion. For the full year 2006, though, Google at $4 billion in ad revenue will eclipse Yahoo!’s ad revenue of $2.9 billion.

Google continues to dominate the online add revenue stream, and Microsoft and yahoo fall behind even more to the search king.

No doubt Msft and Yahoo will be taking another look at their search

strategies to see what it will take for them to match the moutainview California based company.


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