Apple to Buy Hp?

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This from Mac OSX Rumors

Certain industry players have even talked to Steve recently about a possible buyout/partnership with HP that could help pull that beleaguered corporation out of its current scandal….but for now, Apple is standing well clear of the company that burned it in the wake of its single attempt to OEM the iPod out to a Wintel retailer.

I generally take anything a read here with a grain of salt, but when I ran across this rumor I almost fell off my seat, Apple has as much a chance of Buying Hp as they do Microsoft, while Hp is currently not being cast in the best light thanks to the stupidity of some of it’s executives, this won’t have a long term effect on the company.

Apple is in good financial shape, but they don’t have the financial muscle to buy a company like hp. One of Apple strengths  are it’s relatively small size, it allows Steve Jobs and company to  react  quickly to changing market conditions and stay on top of their game, Buying hp(if it was possible) wouldn’t help this.

Either way, this is pipe dream and not a good one at that.



Google to Buy you tube ?

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I got an email tonight about a possible Google acquisition of YouTube that may be in the final stages before closing. Rumored price is $1.6 billion. A quick phone call to a VC confirmed that the rumor is circulating (he also confirmed the price), but that is far from confirmation that this deal is happening. I’m digging for more but the source on this one is very good.

We know that YouTube has had informal talks with a number of companies about acquisition in the $1.5 – $2 billion range. And I suspect Google won’t be daunted by the prospect of dealing with a ton of pissed off copyright holders.

Based on experience with these sort of rumors, I’d put this at 40% likely to be at least partially true.

Google, YouTube

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Google Ping device for Blogs

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What is the Google Blog Search Pinging Service?                                                                                                                                        The Google Blog Search Pinging Service is a way to inform Google Blog Search of web-log updates. These updates are then published and shared with other search engines to allow them to discover the changes to your web-logs. In addition, Google Blog Search will add submitted web-blogs to the list of blogs it needs to crawl and index.                                                                                                                                                        This is a great service for Blogger’s, and considering that Google is the defacto search engine for the majority of web surfers, having this available is a good way to get Mountainviews blogging agents to have a look.

  •      Joe.
  • Former Apple CFO resigns

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    Apple said the investigation, which involved scanning 650,000 emails interviewing more than 40 current and former employees, raised “serious concerns regarding the actions of two former officers” in connection with the options.
    While the company did not mention names, former Apple CFO Fred Anderson separately announced his resignation from Apple’s board of directorsWednesday. Mr. Anderson served as CFO from 1996 to 2004. It’s unknown if Apple will seek to fill Mr. Anderson’s seat. In late August, Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined the company’s board.
    Apple CEO Steve Jobs was found to have been aware that favorable grant dates had been selected in some cases, but Mr. Jobs did not benefit from any of the grants nor was he aware of the accounting implications, Apple said.

    There seems to be a lot of damage control going on here, though Steve Jobs doesn’t seem to be involved in any of this this. While I’m not to familiar with SEC regulations and laws, I don’t see this  really hurting Apple at all and Steve Jobs no doubt, want’s this whole issue put to rest.

    From Think Secret


    Wired on Ray Ozzie

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    The latest Wired Magazine article on Ray Ozzie is pretty spot on about the obstacles the Ozzie faces at Microsoft, but  there seems to be a lot of selective memory form  writer Fred Vogle and I have  issues with some of the things that have been said.

    Here are some examples…

    “Microsoft’s game console, the Xbox 360, has been a hit, but competition from Sony’s PlayStation 2 has kept prices low, making profits elusive.”

    Yet he forgets to mention that fact that the Xbox 360 has a major lead over Sony’s PS3 and Sony’s ongoing troubles to launch the PS3 is all to Microsoft advantage.

    Here’s another….

    “Apple, for its part, has become so confident of consumers’ preference for OS X, its operating system, and software like iPhoto and GarageBand that it now allows users to run Windows on its machines.”

    Really? I guess that’s a good way of looking at it, or could Apple be hedging it’s bets against further market share loss to Windows, which according to most market observers,OSX is not making inroads but losing some share.

    Come to think of it, isn’t Apple OSX operating system similar to Microsoft Windows strategy of having a closed desktop centric operating system? I don’t see apple lighting the world on fire with online services, and .Mac really doesn’t cut it.

    And this…

    “Early reports indicate the strategy is working: Sales of Mac  laptops are booming and have pushed Apple’s US market share in the category to 12 percent, doubling in just six months.”

    Early reports from Where? I don’t see a source here, and the 12 percent market share is wishful thinking.

    Here’s another bit…

    “Google is also experimenting with a collection of Web app’s, including maps, video, even online word processing and spreadsheets. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been struggling with the sort of things it historically has done best – producing big, integrated software packages. Vista, its new operating system, is due out next year, but it’s almost two years late and has no firm release date.”

    There’s no doubt that Google is the search king and they have some very talented people at Mountainview, but Google Video has taken a back seat to utube, as for the online word processing beta  that Google purchased from writley ,it made a little splash and then nothing else.

    The online spreadsheet, same thing, there are already other spread sheets online with the same results. Google seems to be trying the spaghetti system of coming out with lots of betas and waiting to see which one will stick .

    Windows Vista is already in RC1 stage and will most likely go to RTM in November, Vista is definitely late, but is just about here.

    For the most part this article succeeds, but the same kind of article can be written about Apple or Google,

    lots of good things going on with equal parts failure thrown in for good measure.

    IBM is the web services king  with revenue that even dwarfs Microsoft, but this is always forgotten when talking about this old and mature company.

    Overall a good story with  good points, Ray Ozzie has his hands full, but none the less, he does have what it takes and the odds are in his favor.


    Linux still trailing Windows

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    This From eWeek

    While Linux would account for some $12 billion in worldwide server operating system revenue in five years time, significantly up from the $8.3 billion predicted for 2006, Unix worldwide server operating system revenue was expected to come in at $15.9 billion by 2011, with Windows revenue leading the pack at $22.5 billion,

    Certainly Linux has made big inroads into the server space, and it has no doubt made Microsoft raise it’s game to stay competitive, always a good thing. But it hasn’t quite dominated the market as some would lead to believe.


    Wired covers Zune

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    This article in wired states


    When it launches next month, the Zune will cost $250 for 30 GB — just like the equivalent iPod. But the Zune also has Wi-Fi for wirelessly trading songs; a larger, 3-inch screen (good for widescreen movies); and will connect to Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace music service, which will sell songs at 99 cents each and offer a $15 a month subscription plan.

    The Zune will definitely have an impact. That’s guaranteed by Microsoft’s clout, and is why music labels, movie studios and accessory makers are jumping on the Zune bandwagon.

    But although the Zune looks good on paper, it’s not going to kill the iPod because of three things:

    1. It’s not cool and never will be.

    The iPod is streets ahead in the things that really matter: ease of use, aesthetics and — here’s the tough one — cool. The Zune is not cool. You can tell that at a glance. Take the choice of colors. It’ll come in black, white and brown.

    I think this article is putting the cart before the horse, nobody has been able ot get their hands on a new Zune and make a good evaluation, it seems ot be a little too early to pass jugement on Msft’s first entry into this market.


    Read the Article….